Enslaving Rico Part 3

He was not hard because the vibrator wasn’t turned on yet but oh the horrors he was about to face was going to be unbearable. He decided to put on a jock strap and on top of that, a boxer briefs to really hide his humiliating endeavour. Surprisingly Ben texted him earlier that morning to go to school without giving him a ride which was a relief, yesterday was fortunate cause nobody saw them leave the car together.

Rico got out of his car and was greeted by his friends namely Jake and Casey. Both of them are in the basketball team and they are as straight as a ruler. Jake is a playful guy with a cute face and brunette hair but is dumb as a rock. Casey is a red head matching his jarring temper, he was a big buff guy capable of crushing anyone.

Trevor together with some other boys approached Rico and his friends in the parking lot. Trevor is the rival player of Rico from Eagle University, he and Rico were sworn enemies since childhood and the tension always builds up because of the fact that Rico always wins and Rico never fails to gloat.

Trevor: Nice game yesterday Fuckers!
Jake: how does it feel to lose again what’s the score now 23 wins to nothing?
Trevor: I am not talking to you idiot, I am speaking to the most stupid of the trio, Rico!
Rico: Hahaha! Admit it Trevor you can’t beat me or any of your teammates!
Trevor: Someday I will be the on top and you will beg Rico!!
Casey: Leave! Or I will make you!
Trevor seeing that Casey was like the hulk incarnate left the parking lot while leering at Rico.
The three boys were now walking in the hallway going to their first period class when they saw Ben walking in the opposite direction.
Jake: Hey! Nerd! Come here! Let’s see what’s in your back pack today!
Casey: Yeah! Walk fast you faggot!
Ben stared Rico in the eyes and Rico felt something, the vibrator was coming alive it was churning in his jockstrap, it made him stopped walking and began to touch his crotch trying to obscurely hide the vibrations in his jeans.
Rico: Son of a…. Waiit guys stop, lets go to class, we are going to be late for first period.
Jake: What?When did you ever back down from beating up this fag?
Rico: Just trust me guys you don’t want to be late for Mrs. Dayworth.
The vibrator was vibrating more now and Rico’s dick was becoming semi hard from it. It was taped in the cock head where he was most sensitive, it was uncomfortable he even squirted some precum.
Rico: Guys!!! Come on!! Please!
Casey: Alright, I guess coach will get mad if he knew we were late from his wife’s class.
Jake: Yeah, is it even legal to be a husband and wife and teach at the same school?
Rico: It is! Now let us sprint to class!

The vibration was now going to a minimum. Rico now understands that the vibrator was a warning. If ever Ben was harmed by his friends, Ben will turn it on.
During 2nd period, Tory passed a note to Rico. It wrote “Date Tomorrow Night?”. Rico replied in the letter and wrote “I will check my schedule busy, babe”
Suddenly Rico felt the vibrator was tuning on again now it was vibrating it feels like the vibrator was groping him over and over again. It was not stopping he was now secretly gasping and he tried lowering his head, his dick was now 7inch hard and throbbing in his jockstrap, he tried to reposition his dick upwards so his boner wasn’t obvious. It was not stopping it kept on going for 30 minutes holding his will not to blow his load. His precum was leaking all over the condom. Ben looked over where Rico was seating and saw that Rico was sweating, his legs were slightly spread apart and his hands were hiding a barely noticeable bulge in front of his crotch.

Mrs. William: Now what is the value of x? Anyone? Rico please stand up and answer.
Rico whispered: Fuck! Shit! Hmmmm
Rico: I don’t know the answer Ma’am. I am sorry Mast…
Rico almost said “master” in front of the whole class. His mind was now slowly turning into mush from the sensations of the vibrator.
Mrs. William: Pardon, Rico?
Ben hissed: 8 moron!
Rico: The answer is 8 Ma’am!
Mrs. William: Okay, very good take your seat young man.
Rico looked at Ben with pleading eyes mouthing the words “Please Stop it” Ben gazed into Rico and passed him a note it said “what did your girlfriend say in the letter?” Rico put out his cell phone and tried to text despite the vibrations still pleasing his hard leaking cock. Ben received a text from Rico “She wants to have a date tomorrow night, I declined”
Ben replied “Go to the date” Rico replied “Okay, Please stop the vibrator” Ben texted back “Enjoy”
Rico was bomb texting Ben with pleas however Ben ignored every single one and proceeds to listen to the lecture of the teacher.
Rico eyes widened because now the vibrator was at maximum. He groaned and soon began his climax. Shooting his semen all over the condom, his cock pumped out 6 times of spunk. When Ben saw that Rico orgasm he turned the vibrator to a minimum. Rico received another text from Ben “meet me at the 3rd floor bathroom after this class”
Before leaving the classroom Rico approached Tory.
Rico: I am free tomorrow night after all, let’s go to the café around 7 I’ll see you there, babe.
Tory: Nice! I’ll see you there.
Rico with haste left for the bathroom, when he entered the bathroom Ben was already inside and locked the bathroom.
Ben: Show me Rico
Rico: huh?
Ben: Show me your cock idiot!
Rico: No Waaay!! Here? In school? Come on Ben! You can’t be serious!
Ben: Well then I hate to litter the school with these printed pictures.
Ben showed Rico a picture. It was Rico with an opened mouth full of cum inside and another photo of Rico nude sitting on top of the bench with his legs spread and cock exposed. Rico was now really scared those images was so degrading and it was so clear that no one will even suspect of photo editing.
Ben: I got lots of these in every angle so no one will ever try to prove them fake. Now show me your cum drench dick slave!
Rico started unbuttoning his jeans and belt. He dropped it revealing his boxer briefs soaked with sweat. Ben was mesmerized by the scene it was like a porn actor stripping in front of him of course all of this was being recorded by Ben’s trusty camera. Rico dropped down the boxer briefs just up to his knees and only the jockstrap was now covering his manhood.
Ben: How smart doubling your undergarments. I never thought of that. You truly are a jack of all trades, I mean I had a crush on you as you already knew because of your handsome face and fit body any gay guy would fall for you look at Gary and I didn’t realize you were smart too. Don’t worry all I have for you now is lust and hate.
Rico: Please don’t make me do this I don’t want to show you what happened when you didn’t turn off the vibrator. Please Ben!
Ben: Drop the jockstrap!

Rico closed his eyes and mustered all his will, he tug down his jockstrap. The sight was so arousing. Rico’s dick was hanging down flaccid with the condom filled with cum it was swinging together with Rico’s cock. Through the condom you can see that Rico’s foreskin vibrating because the vibrator was still stimulating Rico and it was a sight to behold because Rico was leaking precum dripping from the tip of the foreskin like a faucet leak adding into the cum filled condom. Ben moved towards Rico and knelt removing the tape and obtaining the condom he tied it up and put a new one on the precum dripping meat in front of him.
Ben: It’s like changing a wet diaper from a baby hahaha! Now Rico say thank you in front of the camera don’t worry with my editing skills I will delete all your whining.

Rico: Thhank you….Maaster
Rico was about to cry but he didn’t, He forces himself to forget everything.
Ben: now better put on those jeans we are in a school you pervert slave! Get that cock inside your pants!
During 3rd period it started once again the vibrator was at its maximum and soon Rico was cumming secretly once again. After that Rico was ordered once again in the bathroom to change his cum filled condom and to be collected by Ben.
During the 4th period Ben didn’t turned on the vibrator giving Rico a chance to regain his energy. Rico was ordered to wait in the bathroom and he is to strip everything down except for the condom and vibrator and sit in a cubicle legs spread. As Ben was walking towards the bathroom he was cornered by Casey and Jake.
Casey: well! well! We can’t seem to find Rico but we will tell him what happen
Jake: Think fast Ben!

Ben closed his eyes and Casey threw a punch in his frail stomach causing Ben to instantly lie on the ground face down. Jake and Casey run away fast laughing. Ben stood up and grinned. He entered the bathroom and locks it. He opened the only closed cubicle only to be presented by Rico’s spread legs and flaccid cock his hands were at the back of his head.

Ben: You know Rico when I was about to go here in the 3rd floor bathroom I thought that this was the safest place to change your condom because no one goes here. Even the janitor didn’t mind going to this place but I guess your friends are really good in finding me. Now masturbate in front of me and make yourself cum!
Rico sensing the bad mood of his master dared not to disobey and started stroking his cock up and down while his legs were spread. Ben touched Rico’s cock slit because it was now exposed and began collecting the precum and spreading it on Rico’s shaft while Rico was stroking.
Ben: For a little lubricant.

Ben took off the vibrator and turned it on, he positioned it directly at Rico’s frenulum. This made Rico so aroused He began so spasm being the sign of his climax Ben again collected all the semen Rico released. Despite cumming 3 times today Rico manage to fill up the condom generously. Rico was so exhausted from his ordeals that he just sat there legs spread and his cock was starting to soften. His eyes were emotionless. He only masturbates twice or thrice a week and he manages to do it in an afternoon.

Ben procured a jug, he opened it and poured all three cum filled condoms into the jug. Ben using a spoon stirred the jugs contents. While mixing…

Ben: You know I have put a lot of effort bringing all kinds of stuff to make your life a living hell but it’s worth it. This jug contains your cum and a protein shake concoction. I have here three sports bottles you know what to do smart slave.
Tory was passing by when she saw Rico at the lunch table together with his friends.
Tory: Hey babe! Don’t forget tomorrow our café date
Rico: Yeah I won’t forget babe.
Tory: What are you drinking? Is the milkshake on the menu today?
Jake: No, Tory this is not a milkshake this is a protein shake!
Casey: Yeah, Rico was kind enough to share this with us because this will make us win many games.
Jake: Yeah and kick Trevor’s ass again with this manly protein shake! You’re the best Rico!

Oh one thing is for sure there is so much man in that shake. Wink wink!

End of part 3


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Enslaving Rico Part 3